About My Food Storage

What is My Food Storage

My Food Storage is a new iOS app that allows you to keep track of all your food. Fresh food, canned food, even food storage. Once you have added your food items to the app, it keeps track of it. Showing you which items are expiring soon, which items have been expired and wasted, and which items you need to purchase more of.
If you need help with the app, please visit the Help menu within the app or click here.
My Food Storage is the result of a Senior project my team built at USU. We realized as we were building the app that there was a real opportunity for us to ease the lives of many people by helping them keep track of the food they have and the food they need to buy next time they are at the store. A major goal of the app is to make adding and removing food from your inventory as quick as possible, less than 10 seconds for someone who is familiar with the app. The app is also setup to be not only easy to use, but easy to learn. The biggest difficulty in learning to use the new app is to know you need to press and drag to use the menu instead of just tap the menu to open and tap your menu choice to go there. My Food Storage also automatically syncs between your iOS devices through iCloud without any setup by you. Simply add an item and wait, wait times vary depending on your network connection. Updates will automatically sync and keep your devices current and up to date, Allowing you to add items with your iPad at home, but check what items you are running low on while at the grocery store from your iPhone.

A Few Tips and Tricks

  • You can see your entire inventory by searching for nothing. If the text search field is empty and you tap Search, the list that comes up is your entire inventory of food. 
  • The yellow rows are food items that are expiring during the next few days. 
  • You can set the number of days before expiration that this happens, in Settings.
  • You can delete and add categories, in Settings > Categories. Type the name of your new category and tap Add. Or swipe to delete a category that you don't use.
  • iPad users can switch the handedness of the app, changing which side the menu and frequently used parts of the app are on. iPhone doesn't have this functionality since the app was built trying for one handed operation.
  • You can remove an item by making its quantity 0, so you can remove an item from the Update Item screen.
  • Vibrations can be turned on and off.
  • Notifications about food spoiling soon as well as food in your Grocery list.

Coming Soon

Our next update will be adding notifications to the app, allowing you to be notified when items are spoiling soon from outside of the app. Allowing you to know when to use food without even opening the app. This update is currently being reviewed by Apple.

Other updates in the works are adding a widget to the notifications menu containing your entire grocery list, allowing you to go shopping and see what food you are low on and need to buy without even unlocking your device.

Version 1.1

New to 1.1, iCloud syncing has been added.

Version 1.2

Added the option to turn vibration while using the menu on and off.

Version 1.3

Being processed by Apple currently, Notifications are now here. A notification to advise you of food that is in your spoiling list. Another notification to let you know which food you are low on and need to purchase.

This page is a work in progress, as new features are added and updates are pushed this page will update to reflect such things.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at MyFoodStorageApp@gmail.com