My Food Storage

Never run out of your favorite foods or let them expire again!

  • Easily and quickly add and remove food
  • Quickly find which foods you are low on using the Grocery List
  • See which foods are expiring soon
  • Set how many days before food expires you are notified
  • See a list of foods that have expired
  • iCloud syncronization between devices, Add food from your iPad and see the grocery list from your iPhone while at the store
  • Barcode scanner to easily add/remove/find food
  • Works on iOS 7+ devices
  • Vibration can now be turned on or off, depending on your preference. Find this option in the settings.
  • Notifications for both Spoiling foods and the Grocery list, letting you know once a day - if there are items in these lists - what foods you need to be concerned about
My Food Storage, an iOS app for storing what food you have for instant access anywhere. Your food items sync between all of your devices on the same Apple ID, easily allowing you to have an up to date list of food whenever you need it.

You can set the amount of each food item you want to have on hand, so when you have less the app will show you what you need to purchase when out shopping. You can also set a customized amount of days before food expires that it shows up in your spoiling foods list. Now you don't ever have to let food go bad. If food does go bad and isn't used before the expiration date, My Food Storage automatically moves the food out of your inventory and into a list of items that have expired, allowing you to keep track of how much food goes to waste. This can help you make better choices about the quantities of foods to buy that frequently go bad before use.

The iPad version also allows you to choose which side of the screen you want the menu and frequentlly used parts on. Making the app as close to one handed operation for an iPad as it can be. Many operations are easily done with only one hand.

Updates are currently being worked on, including adding notifications to the Notification Center for food that recently made it onto the spoiling list and Groceries List - This update is currently being processed by Apple and should arrive shortly. Also adding a widget to the Notification Center containing your Spoiling and Grocery Lists, allowing you to check this vital information without even opening the app.

If you are having any problems or have any questions please feel free to email me or fill out our form on the support page here.