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For those of you using the app, you can find the help page by opening the menu, and selecting the yellow ? symbol. There are two help pages, the first for the zBar barcode reader, and the second for the rest of the app. Links in the barcode help will open up in safari, while the links in the App Help will move to that part of the page. Below you will find another copy of the help document from the app.

Food Storage Help

Food Storage Help

This app is a food storage tracking system. You can scan a barcode or manually search for food items stored in your inventory. Adding and removing food is setup to be an easy and quick task to complete. Once you have your food in the app, you can see what food is spoiling soon, which food items you are running low on in your Groceries list, and how much food is going to waste. The app is meant to be able to help you avoid having food go bad and avoid not having enough food on hand. The following links are for quickly finding help about each section of the app.
Here you can search through your food storage. All food items are searchable. You can search any item added by a barcode by scanning the same barcode. Or you can search for all items that have a specific item name, whether it was added with a barcode or not, by typing in an item name and tapping Search by Name. Tapping Search by Name without anything typed into the Search Field will bring up a list of all items. This can be done from the Adding or Removing screen.

If you add an item that does not already exist, you will be shown the Add Item page. If the item already exists a list of all items with their various expiration dates will show up. To modify an item that exists, simply tap it and modify it - tap the + or - to modify the quantity by 1 per tap, or select the quantity and type in a new number for large modifications.

To add a new item, or an existing item with a different expiration date, tap Tap here to add another. To modify the quantity level at which you are advised to buy more, tap the row showing your current "Low Inventory at:" and then edit the number shown.

Grocery Lists

Each of these lists is re-created every time you ask for it, so they always have the most up to date information.
The Grocery Lists can show several different lists and reports on your food storage inventory.


This report will show a list of items that are expiring soon. Items will appear in this list if their expiration date is within 7 days by default, or the amount of days set by you in Settings .


This report will show a list of items that have low quantities. These quantities are set by setting the Low Inventory at: after creating an item for the first time, or by searching for an item.


This will show a report of food that is wasted. Whenever food is removed after the expiration date has passed, it is added to the list of food that is wasted. It is in order of food that went bad last at the top.


The settings screen allows you to add and remove categories to customize it to your liking. You can also set the number of days before food expires that it shows up in your spoiling list. You can also email the developer if you have any specific questions or problems.


Home is the screen that loads when Food Storage is first opened. The Home screen describes the way the menu works.